‘Vocational Skills Training’ was organized for our hospital nurses.

‘Vocational Skills Trainings’ were organized for our nurses by our Education Unit in our hospital.

On 01 November 2022, between 09:30-16:00, 1st group nurses, and on 02.11.2022 between 09:30-16:00, 2nd group nurses were included in the training. In the program where 6 trainers gave training, CPR, Sample Collection and Safe Transfer, Diabetes Education and Safe Use of Bedside Test Devices, Wound Care, Organ Donation, Safe Blood Transfusion and Nutritional Support Training were included. Assoc. Dr. Bugra KOCA, Dr. Instructor Member Ayşe ERTEKİN, Dr. Instructor Member Savaş ASLAN, Diabetes Education Nurse Songül ARSLAN, Wound and Stoma Nurse Özlem ATEŞ and Nutrition Nurse Adile UÇAR took place as educators.

The trainings were carried out interactively and practically, and an effective and effective learning environment was created.

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