An event was held in our hospital within the scope of World Prematurity Day.

An event was held to celebrate the World Prematurity Day of our little warriors who stepped into life early in the neonatal intensive care unit of our hospital.

In our country, approximately 1.400.000 babies are born every year and more than 150 thousand of these babies are born prematurely. Since 2011, 17 November has been celebrated as “World Prematurity Day” in order to raise awareness about premature babies and their problems in the world and in our country.

To celebrate this special day of our little warriors, who stepped into life early, we invited them and their families, who have always supported them on this difficult path, to our event. AFSU Rector Prof. Dr. Nurullah OKUMUŞ, Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Ali TUNCER, Deputy Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Aydın BALCI, Faculty Member of the Department of Child Health and Diseases, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Afşin KUNDAK, Faculty Member of the Department of Child Health and Diseases. Dr. Ayşegül BÜKÜLMEZ Hospital Chief Manager Hatip AYDIN, Head Nurse Muharrem BERK, Hospital Manager İbrahim TÜRK, Hospital Assistant Manager S. Serhan TOY, Newborn Intensive Care Nurse Nurgül GÜMÜŞ and Newborn Intensive Care Nurses participated.

Eklenme Tarihi: 16 Kasım 2022