Application Procedures

General health insurance holders and their dependents, whose health benefits are covered by the social security institution (SGK), can benefit from the diagnosis and treatment services of our hospital, provided that they declare their identity documents.

In order for patients with foreign insurance to benefit from diagnosis and treatment services, they must apply with a health assistance document in accordance with the social security agreement drawn up and approved by the social security provincial directorates, benefiting from institutional health investments within the scope of social security agreements with foreign countries.

Our green card patients can benefit from our services by making referrals from provincial state hospitals.

Traffic accidents According to the law published in the Official Gazette No. 27857, dated 25.02.2011, the health service costs of our patients who apply to our university hospitals due to traffic accidents are covered by the SSI, regardless of the social security of the casualties. Police report of the victims, forensic examination report, crime scene investigation report and photocopy of identity cards should be delivered to our hospital.

In all forensic cases, a forensic doctor’s report and a police report are required for official action.

Persons who have suffered a work accident need a visa document filled in the work accident section.

Referrals received for our university students and some contracted bank patients are valid for three working days.