Patient Exit Procedures

If it is decided to discharge the patient from the relevant service, the patient or his relatives are informed about the home care or treatment by the relevant physician and service nurses.

Before leaving the hospital, the patient should stop by the relevant department secretariat and find out if there is an official procedure that needs to be done.

If the patient works in any place and needs to give an official document to the institution or organization where he is working or about resting, he should notify his doctor.

According to the medical condition of the patient, the physician draws up the necessary documents (disability report or a board report, etc.) related to rest.

The following documents are checked for discharge at the secretariat;
• Contents of the patient’s file,
• Nurse observation forms,
• Remuneration forms,
• Patient orders,
• Blood barcodes,
• Medicine and consumables report,
• Epicrisis.

If the secretariat is not visited, the patient may appear to be lying down even though he or she is not in the hospital. (Note: In this process, no fee is collected from SSI or the patient. Only our patients cannot benefit from the treatment procedures of other health institutions.)