Patient Rights Unit


In our country, patient rights units came to life with the preparation of the ‘Directive on Patient Practices in Health Facilities’ in order to ensure the implementation of the Patient Rights Regulation put into effect in 1998 by the Ministry of Health. In line with this directive, the patient rights unit of our hospital has been working since 2006 to provide patients with information about their treatment at every stage, to inform patients, their relatives and hospital staff in line with patient rights, to do the necessary work to comply with privacy, and to strive for “patient”-oriented service delivery. carries out its mission.

Our patient rights unit has been established to receive and evaluate complaints about patient rights practices to be made to our hospital and to produce solutions. Parallel to this practice, our unit has started its duty in the “Patient Rights Board” under the chairmanship of the deputy chief physician, who will review, evaluate and conclude the applications regarding patient rights violations in our hospital, and will make suggestions to the chief physician of our hospital in order to improve all these practices.

Measures that will enable our patients to easily access information, documents and recommendations that will facilitate the exercise of their rights have been taken with the support of our hospital chief physician, and have been created in places that can be easily seen by patients in order to announce the practices regarding patient rights in our hospital. All of our staff, especially visiting hours and accompanying procedures, will assist you within the framework of courtesy rules.

Deputy  Chief Physician Asst.Prof.Dr. Murat ÇİLEKAR
Patient Rights Unit Specialist  . Mustafa KÜÇÜKİLHAN